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Travel Essentials for Warmth On-the-Go

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Traveling in 2020 may not look the same as it is in years past. Where we used to have floppy hats and flip flops we now have face masks and lots of social distancing. However one thing that can still be helpful on our 2020 excursions is a good supply of HotHands hand warmers.

Especially now as we are embracing Fall and the temperatures start to dip down we want to be able to embrace the great outdoors without getting cold and numb fingers. Cold fingers can make our whole body hurt and can lead to headaches and other problems that will ruin our vacation. We also can drive with greater ease on those long road-trips when the steering wheel is icey from the brisk Fall and winter weather.

We all love camping out and feeling the fresh air in our faces ready to invigorate us from the tough decisions we have to make. Especially after experiencing quarantine in 2020 we are all embracing the great outdoors a little bit more. A HotHands warmer is the perfect solution to keeping you cozy and warm in your tent and sleeping bag so you can have all the outdoor fun you want.

HotHands hand warmers also last for 10 hours so they are the perfect accessory for taking with you on winter sports activities like skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. They are made from all natural products and won’t stain or hurt your clothing or coats allowing for all day warm hands no matter the temperature outside.

Have fun and stay warm!