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Soccer Bag Basics for Busy Soccer Moms

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After months of quarantine, kids are finally getting outside again and back on the field playing soccer. This is tons of fun for the kids but can be quite stressful for the parents trying to get their kids ready for practice or a big game.

Prepping a soccer bag that has everything your kiddo may want or need on the field can help you get out the door quickly and keep everyone’s head in the game. Here are some ideas to make the transition back into sports season as seamless as possible.


Playing soccer means lots of sun on those little kid arms and faces. Even though the weather is cooling off and it may not feel like sunscreen is as important as during the blazing summer months, it is! Keep SPF 50 on hand at all times. And make sure it’s sweat-proof!

Orange Slices

There is nothing better for kids playing soccer than orange slices. They are easy to eat and loaded with vitamin C for some quick energy.

Hand Warmers

It can get chilly on a fall day. A nice hand warmer is a great way to stay warm while cheering on your little player.

Water Bottle

Use an insulated water bottle to keep water cold and ready for a thirsty child athlete that needs refreshment in between goals!

Extra Socks

Socks can get drenched in the dewy grass so having an extra pair of socks ready for the end of the game can be very handy and help kids from getting freezing feet.


These days most places masks are required by law so even if they aren’t worn during play, you may need them for socializing afterwards or for errands on the way home.

First Aid Kit

Carrying a small first aid kit makes a lot of sense when kids are kicking and moving around each other. A bottle of hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes should go along with any kit.

Bug Repellent

All kinds of bugs can live in the grass of a soccer field including mosquitoes and chiggers that bite and sting. A little bug repellent will keep them at bay and make for less itching later.

Backup Phone Battery

These days most of us take all of our video and photos on our phone. Don’t miss any of the important moments due to a dead battery. Pack a backup battery pod for your phone so you will be ready to catch the big goals!