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Keeping Warm in Cold Work Conditions

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Most people would rather work inside during the cold winter months but sometimes that is not an option and work in the extreme cold is required. Here are some tips on how to stay warm in the cold weather work:

1. Pile on the Layers

Obviously our clothing makes a major impact on how the cold impacts us. Start with long underwear that keeps the skin warm but still breathes. Then add layers that create warmth without being too tight and restricting blood circulation. You also want to make sure there isn’t anything that will make you trip or get caught on what you are working on.

2. Make correct fabric choices

The best fabric for working in the cold is wool or fur (or faux fur). One can make the mistake of pilling on cotton layers (especially with socks) and if that cotton gets wet it can become like wearing a giant block of ice. Wool, on the other hand, insulates your body even when wet so is the best choice.

3. Watch your head

While the old wives tale that you lose 45% of your body heat through your head is not true it’s still important to cover it when working outside. A proper wool or fleece beanie that covers your ears will do just the trick

4. Watch your toes

Wearing wool socks that breathe when wet and well insulated waterproof boots are essential. We also recommend a HotHands toe warmer for all day warmth

5. Drink warm fluids

Working in the cold makes a great excuse to get your morning coffee or tea in before you begin. The hot liquid warms your insides and the calories give you energy to keep going

6. Know hypothermia signs

Make sure you know what to look out for in a person with hypothermia (dangerously low body temperature). Shivering, fatigue, loss of coordination, confusion, all signs.

7. Use hand warmers

Naturally when we are working outside we will need to use our hands for all kinds of activities. With a HotHands hand warmer in our pockets we can periodically warm our hands in a way that gloves cannot help. They last for 10+ hours and are easy to use and activate

Obviously certain precautions will need to be taken depending on locations and length of exposure but in general outside work is more effective in the cold if we pay attention to our bodies and how they are feeling. Most importantly don’t let adrenaline blind you to your body getting weak and impacted from the cold weather. With these guidelines and others you can have a wonderful experience working in the cold and be a great employee.