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Warmer 101: How to Use Warmers

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After a summer of quarantine, many of us are embracing the great outdoors by exploring local trails and parks in our communities. However, with autumn upon us and winter right around the corner, we don’t want our fun to be ruined by numb and cold fingers and toes. This is where HotHands hand and toe warmers can come in handy (pun intended).

Hand and toe warmers need to be used correctly in order to be effective. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your warmers and information about how those warmers work in the first place.

Activating a Warmer

A HotHands hand or toe warmer come in a plastic wrapper with two warmers in each package. Once removed from the packaging, the warmer needs a quick shake in order to activate the ingredients in the pouch. If you want to “pause” the heating process, place the warmer in an airtight plastic bag, and you can use it later on in the day. Once shaken, the warmer should heat up in a few seconds. Unless paused, most hand warmers last 10+ hours, with toe warmers guaranteeing 8+ hours.

What Are HotHands Warmers Made Of?

You may be surprised to learn that warmers are made from all-natural ingredients including iron, carbon, and salt. When iron is exposed to oxygen, it oxidizes and produces heat. It’s a small chemical reaction found in nature.

Toe Warmers

Cold toes can be a real problem for people working outside or in a cold environment. Luckily, HotHands toe warmers fit snugly in any closed-toe shoe with an adhesive to keep them in place. Toe warmers aren’t as hot as the hand warmers, and they don’t last as long; however, these specialty warmers are thin and easy to use. Toe warmers are a must for anyone spending multiple hours outside in the cold.

Toe warmers are designed to adhere to the inside of the shoe and to be worn with socks. Do NOT apply the warmer directly to the foot.

HotHands Warm Your Family

As the weather gets colder, HotHands hand and toe warmers are the perfect solution for those cold fingers and toes. They provide everyday warmth with all-natural ingredients to keep you and your family warm all day long. Hand warmers are available in different varieties such as game day and a camo pack for hunters. So, get outside and beat the cold all around you!